For me, a very important part of the Craft has always been to have the best Book of Shadows I could create. I spent hours as a teen imagining the Book of my dreams.

It was full of illustrations but also full of information. It contained all the spells I ever worked and any spell I might want to work. It contained elements and explanations of the path I had already been on and information for any path I may walk in the future, with enough space to keep making additions.

Being priced out of Books costing several hundred dollars, beautiful, but also lacking space for my own writing, the only way to obtain the Book I wanted was to put it together myself. Doing this became my favorite hobby.

After my work was admired by others, I conceived the idea to open a shop online, bringing cost effective, informational and beautiful pages to others.

BookofShadowsPages.com allows a person to build their Book in a more affordable way than purchasing a large, ready made Book. It allows an easier build than doing it all yourself and has room for your personal touch.

With the advantage of digital downloads, it even removes the wait time by allowing printing from home on whatever parchment or paper desired. My goal is to help you achieve the Book of Shadows of your dreams.