Dream Journal Worksheets

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Set of 10 Dream Journal Worksheets to help you have more vivid dreams, increase lucid dream experiences, and have clearer memories of your dreams so you can learn more from them.

These Dream Journal Worksheets are used to record your dreams and are to be kept in your Book of Shadows or Dream Journal.

Keeping a record of your dreams is very important if you wish to increase your dreams, to have more vivid dreams, and to learn more from your dreams, especially if you are working with your dreams for Divination purposes or seeking a Lucid Dream experience.

By keeping track of what you dreamed, exactly when you dreamed it, and having a journal page on hand for reference later, you can remember more than you remember when not keeping a record. If you are remembering one or two dreams a night, simply recording these dreams each morning can increase your dream memory up to seven or eight different dreams per night in about a month's time, and also increase dream vividness. You will learn much more from your dreams.

These Dream Journal Pages help you track your dreams easily. You will fill out the Date, your Mood at bedtime, the Moon's Phase and Sign, a Summary of your dream, your Emotional Response to it upon waking, and the possible Reason the dream occurred.

Printed on Parchment:

• Parchment Paper, 24 lb. weight
• 8.5" by 11" letter size paper
• Parchment is archival quality, acid and lignin free
• Will not degrade or fade over time
• Black ink
• Available on Copper, Gold, Gray, or Ivory Parchment

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