Spell Recording Worksheets

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10 Spell Record Pages for Book of Shadows and Magick Workings.

Keeping a record of the spells you cast and their results helps you achieve better, stronger results, faster. By keeping track of what you do, exactly when you do it, and having a worksheet on hand for reference later, you can track your progress on a spell-by-spell basis and increase your personal power when you see what brought the best results, the fastest, with what spell ingredients, at what times.

These worksheets help you track your spell progress, you will fill out the Date, Time, Moon Phase, Moon Sign, Purpose of your spell, Ingredients used, a Summary of what you did during the casting, and what your Expected Results are.

Printed on Parchment:

• Parchment Paper, 24 lb. weight
• 8.5" by 11" letter size paper
• Parchment is archival quality, acid and lignin free
• Will not degrade or fade over time
• Black ink

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