Crystal Spells

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Crystal Spells for your Book of Shadows:

• Black Opal Charm
• Clear Away the Old with Crystals
• Crystal Cleansing Methods
• Hematite Grounding Spell to Release Your Troubles Into the Earth
• Lucky Seven Spell
• Magnet Healing Spell
• Moonstone Love Spell
• Rose Quartz, Garnet, and Carnelian Love Spell
• Spell to Boost Productivity
• Stone of Protection
• Stones of Luck
• To Charge and Consecrate a Scrying Mirror or Stone

Printed on Parchment:

• Parchment Paper, 24 lb. weight
• 8.5" by 11" letter size paper
• Parchment is archival quality, acid and lignin free
• Will not degrade or fade over time
• Black ink

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