280 Page Handmade Leather Book of Shadows with All Original Designs

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This is a hand made and hand bound Book of Shadows with all original designs. It is completely handmade and crafted using real, high quality leather, and archival parchment paper in gold. The cover design is customizable by you. Designs include a Spiral Goddess, Pentacle, Triple Moon, the Goddess surrounded by Moon Phases, or you may choose to have a blank cover.

It is full size Book of Shadows, the outside measuring 8 3/4 by 11 1/2 inches with a spine of about 1 1/4 inches. There are 280 pages which include Blessings, Herbal Correspondences and Recipes, Healing Spells, Potions, Protective Charms, Amulets and Spells, the Wiccan Rede, Creed and Powers, Alphabets, and Ritual Tools & Supplies plus a lot more. Each page is detailed below.

Even though it is very large, it does lie flat when open. No need to hold it down while using it as a reference during a spell. I'm very proud of the fact it lays flat when open and this was difficult to achieve. So far this is the largest Book I can put together and it is absolutely stunning, blowing away all others by comparison. I hand stitch the pages so that they are bound to the cover using a Medieval stitching technique and print my designs on archival quality paper which will not degrade or fade out over time. The Book is meant to last a lifetime and be passed to your heirs, but only if they are worthy of receiving such a gift from you.

Handcrafted Book of Shadows are 'one of a kind' and as such, there are natural variations and small 'blemishes' which are not flaws but inherent in items which are hand crafted. These minor distinctions make this Book special and truly one of a kind, made by My Grimoire, exclusively.

To see more examples of the pages in this Book of Shadows, please visit the section of my store called "Illustrated Pages" where you can see my designs.


TITLE PAGE: Enchant and Bless a Book of Shadows

LAWS AND INFO: Self Initiation and Ritual & Recipe, Altar Set Up, Ritual Tools & Supplies, 4 Powers of the Magus, Witches' Rune, Wiccan Rede, Witches' Creed, 13 Principles of Wiccan Beliefs

THE FIVE ELEMENTS: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit and their Correspondences, Meaning, and Uses

THE MOON & THE PLANETS: Full Moon Correspondences, Full Moon Names, Moon in Sign Correspondences, Moon Phases for Magic, Glyphs of the Moon, Magical Moon Garden and Night Blooming Plants, Make a Moon Braid, Planetary Powers and Attributes, Planetary Day & Night Hours, Planetary and Herbalism Correspondences

HERBALISM: 10 Poisonous Plants, Making Magical Incense, Magical Incense Uses & Recipes, Incense Correspondences, Potpourri Recipes, Correspondences for over 400 Herbs & Plants

POTIONS & RECIPES: Magical Inks, Lavender Water, Holy Water, Moon Water Tonic, Ointments of Power, Perfume Recipes for Witches, Employment Potion, Money Soap, Love Potion Spell, Love Tea Recipes, Wishing Powder, Potion to Rid Nervousness

CANDLE MAGIC: Candle Color Correspondences, Zodiac Candle Colors, How to Dress Candles, Candle Binding, Witch's Lucky Candle Spell, Candle Spell for Justice, Stop Harassment, Adoration Candle Magic, Candle Spell Against Psychic Attack, Candle Spell to Change Fate, Healing Fire Candle Spell, Reversing Crossed Conditions with a Black Candle

CRYSTAL MAGIC: Crystal Cleansing Methods, Spell to Boost Productivity, Magnet Healing Magic, Charge and Consecrate a Scrying Mirror or Stone, Black Opal Charm to Increase Magical Power, Rose Quartz, Garnet and Carnelian Love Spell, Clear Away the Old with Crystals, Stone of Protection, Hematite Grounding Spell to Release your Troubles into the Earth, Lucky Seven Spell, Moonstone Love Spell, Stones of Luck, Crystal & Planetary Correspondences, Complete Crystal Correspondences and Uses

INVOCATION SPELLS: Invocation of Being, Invocation of Power, Invocation of the Elements, Invocation of the God, Invocation to the Goddess, Invocation to Baldur, Invocation to Brigit, Invocation to Freyja, Invocation to Freyr, Invocation to Frigg, Invocation to Herne, Invocation to Thorr

BANISHING SPELLS: Rid Yourself of Anger, Depression Banishing Candle Spell, Spirit Banishing, Invocation to Banish Fear, Banishing Spell, Banish Bad Energy, Banish a Person, Banish a Fool, Banishing Negative Energy, Banishing Oil, Conflict Banishing, Banish a Bad Habit

BLESSING SPELLS: Altar Blessing, Animal Blessing, Bless an Object, Bless You, Blessed Water, Blessing a Gift, Book of Shadows Blessing, Full Body Blessing, House Blessing Spell, Moonlight Candle Blessing, Viking Blessing for a Newborn, Wand Blessing

CLEANSING SPELLS: Blessing and Cleansing a Home, Broom Purification Spell, Cleansing a New Wand, Cleansing Chants, Cleansing Ritual, For a Peaceful Home, Herbal Witch's Cleansing Bottle, Home Cleansing, Infusion of Purification, Lavender Bath to Remove Negativity, To Cleanse a Home of Negative Energy, To Cleanse a Room of Evil

ENCHANTMENTS: Amulet Enchantment, Enchant a Pen, Enchant a Ring for Marriage, Enchant a Scrying Mirror, Enchant an Object, How to Make and Use Charms, Jewelry Enchantment, Rune Enchantment

HEALING SPELLS: Candle Spell for Radiant Health, Healing a Friend or Relative, Healing Flames, Healing from Afar, Poppet Healing Spell, Prayer to Empower and Amulet or Charm for Healing, Quartz and Candle Healing Spell, Simple Healing Spells, Spell to Banish Fever, the Flower of Light Healing Spell, to Heal Physical Pain, Witch's Healing Candle Spell

AMULETS: About Amulets, and Their Uses & Meanings

PROTECTION SPELLS: A Ward for a Ring, Holly Driving Charm, Home Protection Spell, Protection Chants, Protection Charm, Protection Oils, Protection Spell for your Loved Ones, Spell to Bind a Bully, Tarot Spell for Protection, to Protect an Object, to Protect your House, Witches Bottle for Protection, Amulets and their Correspondences

LOVE SPELLS: Black Magic Love Spell, Basic Love Spell, Attract the Love of Your Life, Voodoo Love Spell, To Attract Love, Strong Spell for Love and Passion, Romance Magnet Oil, Red Lips of Love, Obtain Love from a Specific Person, Love Spells, Love Oil, Bless a New Relationship

MONEY SPELLS: Abundance Spell, Charm to Double an Amount of Money, Corn Wealth Spell, Financial Fortune and Good Luck, I Deserve Prosperity Spell, Money Come Quickly, Money Drawing Spell, Money Knot Spell, Money Spell to Pay a Bill, Moon Spell for Money, Power Prayer for Money, Silver Money Spell

PSYCHIC SPELLS: Candle Spell Against Psychic Attack, Herb Jar to Enhance Your Powers Mentally, Memory Spell for Wisdom, Psychic Protection Spell, Psychic Sight Spell to Open Third Eye, Psychic Vampires, Seeing Auras, Spell for Improved Memory and Concentration, Spell for Prophetic Dreams, Spell to Learn the Truth, Strengthen Your Psychic Shield, Third Eye Ritual to Improve Psychic Powers

SPIRIT SPELLS: Call a Spirit, Dismiss a Spirit, Honor Household Spirits, Identify Your Spirit Animal, Release a Spirit, Spell to Trap a Spirit in a Jar, Spirit Fusion Spell, Summon a Spirit
Into a Mirror, To Conjure Spirits, Ward Off Unwanted Spirits

ENERGY AND SELF IMPROVEMENT SPELLS: Black Ball of Trouble, Energy Generation for Change, Prayer to the Lady for Stronger Power, Sensing Energy, Gain Energy for a Specific Task, Waxing Moon Spell to Revive Magickal Powers, Losing Weight and Eating Better, Mojo Weight Loss, Weight Oil

BLANKS: 30 pages with blank centers and illustrated borders for your own designs, notes, and spells

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